Original plan

We’ve had the idea to extend the decking around our pool for some time.  We like using our outdoor living space and having folks over and need more room to move about when not in the pool.

12 yards of dirt

I had already spread six yards of dirt in the backyard, but using my advanced calculus skills, I determined we needed at least twice that much more.  We had 12 yards delivered, which is a heck of a lot of dirt.


Leveling yard with the dirt

Otis helping with the leveling

The side walk after leveling

Roller from Home Depot

After rolling

Trench for conduit

Conduit in place

Another conduit view

Truckload of supplies


Ill-advised leveling and staking

Jeep Turbo Engine

Our first square


Another bag

Progress shot

Olivia tries out the trowel

More than halfway done!

Otis signed a square

After staining

Sand in between?

Glow rocks!