Music is a huge part of my life.  Live music is my church, where I connect with other people and with who I really am inside. It is impossible to not be swept away into a different place when I am surrounded by music and music lovers.

  • I am an obsessive fan of Phish and follow them as much as I possibly can.  I’m
    currently on show 47 and counting (with six shows already purchased for this year, hopefully more if I can swing it).  Not that impressive compared to so many other folks, but since I only started following them in 2011, not too shabby.

  • I’ve become an equally avid follower of A Live One, a Phish cover band from Austin, who help fill in the gaps caused by my apparent inability to secure unlimited funds to catch as much live Phish as possible.
  • I love jam and funk bands in particular.
  • Big devotee of EDM music.  I’m usually one of the older people in the crowd, which is cool.  Although last year at Lights All Night, I got interviewed by the newspaper AND pulled into several photo poses with 20-somethings raving about how they wish I were their mom (er… more like your grandmother, but who’s counting?).  I think the EDM scene is fun and happy and joyful and accepting in so many ways.
  • I love classical music.  My wife Dawn is an opera singer by training, and I love seeing her perform with the Ken Davis Chorale whenever possible.
  • Performing music is an entirely different and wondrous thing.  I started playing piano at age 7 and took years of lessons but haven’t maintained it so I can barely summon chopsticks, but I love having a piano at home.  I played clarinet, flute, bass clarinet, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, oboe, glockenspiel, cymbals and other percussion in my time in high school band.  I have been playing guitar since my first one as a gift from my grandparents for my 13th birthday.  Currently I play classical guitar with the Brookhaven-Allegro Guitar Orchestra.