I used to watch the Dallas Diamonds back in the Nancy Lieberman days and just loved women’s basketball, but when the WNBA didn’t start a franchise here, I just really didn’t follow them.  When I saw the announcements about the new Dallas Wings franchise (formerly Tulsa Shock), I knew I had to go.

I bought great seats four rows behind the visitor’s bench.  We were stoked, we even attended the Dallas Wings Fan Experience Showcase (which was a bit of a disappointment) on Thursday.  Game day arises and we are stoked and ready to go!

We leave in plenty of time to get there, only to spend 25 minutes parked on Center Street, three blocks from the parking garage, because the “traffic cop” there didn’t understand simple traffic patterns, like keeping our two lanes blocked for ten minutes while letting the perpendicular traffic turn in and fill up the lanes till they had blocked the intersection.  I thought the point of a traffic cop was to NOT allow an intersection to get blocked, not to purposefully orchestrate it to happen?  Oh well.

No diaper bags!

We arrive there five minutes before game time.  It’s a sell-out (way to go!).  But then getting in becomes a bit of an ordeal because, wow, they have the most extreme policies in force here.  No diaper bags?  seriously?  I mean, I never bring bags into venues, but when Olivia was a kid you can bet we had a diaper bag.

Handy diagram showing you what’s acceptable











The game itself was a blast.  Olympia Sims is so much fun to watch.  And Erin Phillips is not too shabby either.

Some game action

They had Dallas Wings towels on each seat of the arena (which is a really nice venue, by the way) and you can see them getting used to cheer on the team as they drew it to an exciting but close finish, with a W for their first home opener.

All the towels!

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