We have tickets to the season opener of Dallas Wings’ first season as a Dallas WNBA franchise.  Super excited to take the kiddo to this.  I received an invitation to attend a Fan Experience Showcase, and while it was not exactly what I expected, it was still fun.  First we met in one of the boxes for lunch.  Then we headed downstairs, lined up, and got to experience running through the tunnel (with smoke and lights) and getting high-fived as we were ‘announced’ onto the court.

On the court in front of the logo

showing her form (?)


We also got to line up and demonstrate our layups and our free-throw form.  I am proud to say that my free-throw at least hit the rim, so it wasn’t completely  humiliating.

Next they selected some volunteers (Olivia was one of them) to demonstrate the ball exchange — in which in a real game the player would hand you an autographed ball for you to keep, but in this demonstration an assistant handed the volunteers a ball and then promptly took it back from them.  Not quite the same experience.

Olivia got picked to demonstrate the ball exchange. She’s getting a ball. In case you couldn’t tell.

AND getting a high five from one of the assistants

Again, it wasn’t what I thought was going to happen.  BUT in all I think the girl enjoyed it.

Thumbs up with the fan experience!

Olivia is drawing the Wings logo in her notepad

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