This was a pretty awesome Mother’s Day Weekend.  First, I spent it all with my wife Dawn and our daughter, Olivia, so that was great.  But we also had a ton of wonderful family and friends celebrating with us.

We had a gathering of the Strayhorns and Williams clans for Mothers Day lunch at Texas Roadhouse.

Dawn Williams, Roger Williams, Becky williams, Annette Johnson, Rosalee Strayhorn, Ronney Johnson, Jen Johnson, Gina Cowger, Amber Williams, Olivia Lessa-Williams

Then we had a delightful dinner and LCR game evening with our dear friends Christy and Terri.  Sunday my sister and I had our mother come join us for a great brunch and rousing game of Monopoly (which mom schooled us all in and won).

Me with Olivia, Mom, and sister Ellen (not sure why my eyes are closed).

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