Euphoria Crew

I traveled solo to Euphoria Fest Thursday afternoon, ready to catch the Polish Ambassador as the opening pre-event act. As I neared the entrance, our friend John called and said, don’t go to the camping entrance, I have an RV pass wristband for you, you can set up with us at our site.

This was just a fantastic turn of events. It ends up that the camping at Euphoria is about a mile hike on rocky hilly sand/gravel terrain — meaning you park your car in a distant lot then schlep all your gear about a mile to find your tiny 10×10 camping spot area to set up in a completely shade-free barren area. And then you take that same mile hike each time you want to go to one of the music events. Uh… no thank you.

Had a great weekend enjoying their gracious offer to share their RV couch. Highlights were Tycho, STS9 (LOVE THEM!), Bassnectar (although his fan base is getting out of control, I didn’t much care for watching them deliberately destroy the concert railing), The Polish Ambassador.

Negatives? folks… water is a necessity. First night show, after navigating the difficulties of getting into the area, we leave the RV area to head to the music. There’s a water filling station at our campsite but they make you empty your water bottles before you get into the music area. And once there… no water. Nothing. I walked a good 300 yards in two different directions asking everyone in authority where to find water and no one could find any. This is ridiculous. I couldn’t even find a place to BUY water, much less the free water refills they had suggested. Water must be available immediately. This is craziness.

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