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I bring an extensive online history to bear with Web-Kat.

In 1981, I became actively involved in the BBS world of email networks, serving as moderator and driving participation, back when this was handled by dial-up modem download and upload of exchanged messages.

Naturally segueing into the Internet in 1990, my first web site went online in 1994. In my position as JCPenney's first corporate webmaster, I put its first e-commerce site online with the sale of a special bendable Power Ranger figurine. You couldn't buy it "online" per se, but you did get a distinct toll-free number to call for ordering it to designate it as an online sale!

Through 1998, I continued to serve as webmaster for JCPenney, which included such internal tasks as evangelizing why someone would want to use the Internet (if you can believe that you used to need to convince people of that!), as well as writing perl scripts to screen and block corporate-inappropriate sites that popped up overnight!

I have worked in a number of information technology disciplines. I have worked as a Unix systems administrator, as well as software development on IBM mainframes, mid-range Unix systems, PCs and mobile devices.

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